Friday, January 1, 2010


Hi, I'm Heather.

This is my cat Turbo,

and this is the boy I just so happen to be in love with, John.

Now that you know my family, here is a little more about me.

I am twenty-three, a current college drop-out (Yay bills!) but I will graduate this summer and finish up finally (only thirty credits left!) with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Photography.

I do a lot of photography on the side, and have found I tend to be able to support myself just from that, however I still like to shop very very cheap. I refuse to spend over one hundred dollars total on any outfit, it just isn't worth it for me (especially while I am currently saving up for a puppy!). I wanted to start this blog to document both my photography, art and a composition of my daily outfits. Since I mainly work from home and am a complete hermit, it helps to avoid staying in my pajamas all day long with Turbo.

I also noticed out of all the blogs out there, there are very few (if any?) plus-size compositions of this sort. So, I am here to cure your plus-size worries by creating this wonderful blog. I really do believe that size, does not, and should not matter in whether or not a person looks good, however I know how much more challenging it can be with trying to find the right sizes and it always seems to be rough, even if those cute clothes are found to afford them.

So now that you know a little bit about me, tell me about yourself a little?


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  1. I love your Pocahontas inspired head band! So cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!