Friday, January 1, 2010

Gloomy Exodus

Outfit Details

Gray Vneck tee - Old Navy

Ribbed black tank top - Borrowed from my boyfriend John

Gray skirt - Old Navy, Gift from my mother in law (well, almost)

Tights - Had them for years and years

Tan boots - Burlington Coat Factory, gift from my mom

Slouchy beanie - Made by/gift from my mother in law

Amber necklace + earrings - Gift from my mom

Today was a very gloomy day in Georgia and my mood depicted it well. I wanted to be very comfortable before going out tonight because we were just going over to a friend's house for some drinks and dinner. I originally had on heels, but after tearing a pair of tights and then burning my skirt a bit after ironing it, I had had enough and decided to go with my old faithful of boots that are so worn in they fit like teddy bears. Normally I have at least one vintage item, and I had originally planned on being a little more "presentable" for my first post, but hey here I am. Eyebrows all out of whack, a little wrinkled, a little awkward and a little fat. What can I say?

Happy new year everyone!

<3, h

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